Channels of Communication for Appeals


Suzuki Charter School Society (SCSS) acknowledges the right of every individual to natural justice or due process, and believes that there must be an orderly process to resolve grievances and complaints. Any individual affected by an administrative decision (student, parent, member of the public, or employee) may appeal that decision if he/she deems it necessary.

General Procedures

  1. Students and parents shall be made aware of the appeal policy and procedures at the beginning of each school year.
  2. It is expected that every effort will be made informally to solve a problem or concern before a formal appeal is filed.
  3. Formal appeals may be filed by any individual or group of individuals that wish(es) a reconsideration of an administrative decision. Such appeals shall be filed by their parents. Generally, appeals will be heard in the following order:
    1. 3.1  By the individual who is responsible for the original decision;
    2. 3.2  By the immediate supervisor of the individual who is responsible for the original decision;
    3. 3.3  By the Superintendent, or designate;
  4. At each level of appeal, every effort will be made to resolve the concern.
  5. Once all administrative levels of appeal have been exhausted, appeals may be heard by the Board as defined in Board Policy 12.
  6. Following a decision by the Board, if the appealing party is still not satisfied with the decision, a request may be made in writing to the Minister of Education to review the matter, pursuant to Section 124 of the School Act.
  7. Appeals shall be submitted in writing, shall state the nature of the concern, and shall outline the steps that have been taken to attempt to resolve it. A copy shall be provided to any other parties directly involved in the issue.
  8. Within fourteen (14) calendar days of the receipt of an appeal (or twenty-eight [28] calendar days in the case of an appeal to the Board), the individual or group considering the appeal shall review all relevant information pertaining to the matter, shall make a decision, and shall communicate that decision in writing to all parties concerned. 

Communication Tools

Please provide the office with your email address as information will be sent to you via email.  You will also receive a gmail for you and your child to use for internal communication and information sharing. School and classroom information will be shared within the google classroom format. All general information will be posted on our website  Parents can subscribe to the American Suzuki Journal, an official publication of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc. and become members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Phone or Computer Use

The phone should be used for emergencies only.  Students must get permission first from their teacher to use the phone.  Please use discretion, as these are business phones.  Please make social and after school care arrangements the evening before.  Student cell phones must be left in lockers for the day.   Computers and internet access are for student and staff use only.

Board of Directors Communication  

Submit questions or requests at least one week prior to a board meeting in writing to Board Chair, Boris Vidal,  Board meetings are public and generally take place on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Please see meeting dates and times under the Board tab. 

Parent Council Communication

A school council works to promote the well being and effectiveness of the entire school community to enhance student learning. Visit for more information. Please see meeting dates and times under the Parent/Council tab.  The first meeting of the year is a meet and greet on the first day of school in the front foyer.